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Your money MATTERS, but your TRUST matters more.

Do not be caught off guard by other Grand Canyon travel and tour websites that will promise you a LOW LOW price, only to later add multiple fees, fuel surcharges, taxes and tariffs. 

KD Grand Canyon Tours has a 100% ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING GUARANTEE. This means that you will always pay the exact amount quoted, and will never pay hidden taxes or fees for your tour. 

KD Grand Canyon Tours promises you world class tours with top rated world famous tour carriers for the absolute lowest rates available anywhere in Las Vegas. Stop paying more, save your money and enjoy your vacation with the piece of mind that our all inclusive pricing guarantee brings you.


  • There are only two MAJOR helicopter tour operators and TWO major bus tour operators in Las Vegas?
  • Hotel and casino concierge locations negotiate the best deal with these operators, and then mark the price up DRAMATICALLY to resell the tour to you?
  • The price of a tour from a hotel or casino concierge desk can vary from person to person, depending on the customer’s ability to NEGOTIATE?
  • The “final price” of most hotel websites and magazine advertisements is far different after hidden fees, fuel surcharges and taxes are added, and tours CANNOT be cancelled for any reason other than weather once booked?
  • Most hotel and casino employees earn a LARGE COMMISSION from selling you a tour at the HIGHEST price possible?

There is a good chance that you will pay more for a Grand Canyon Tour than you should if you reserve from a hotel or casino concierge desk. 

Stop paying more than you should for your tours. Book your tour with confidence today. Click the button below to contact us and get started with planning your trip.


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